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Happy Halloween! Trick, Treats, and how to avoid hazards this season


Happy Halloween!  Trick, Treats, and how to avoid hazards this season Here comes October the 31st…its Halloween again! Halloween is always a time for scary fun, trick or treating, apple bobbing parties, fancy dress and much more. I love this […]

“Hair Dye or Hair Die…”

Defective Sign

Hair Dye or Hair Die? What to do if you are injured by a defective product Our guide to making a Personal Injury claim I confess – I am guilty – Just as guilty as those of us who take […]

“The Harlem Shake – Crazy Moves = Crazy Injuries”

At first I didn’t get it and decided that I didn’t like it. I tried to ignore it but it was everywhere. Eventually it made me giggle. Now it makes me laugh out loud and I have to admit that […]

Supermarket Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiip

Accident Injury Supermarket

Last week at my local supermarket, whilst browsing through a colourful and interesting array of new fruits that had just arrived, I found myself reeling and the next thing I recall was grabbing onto a side shelf to stop myself […]

Be safe during Diwali | Fireworks Injury

Fireworks Injury Diwali

Diwali and the traditional Hindu New Year celebrations are here once again. This time of year is never the same without the traditional pre-Diwali rituals, cooking delicacies, family gatherings as well as prayers for peace and goodwill. More and more […]

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